2023 September
  • Excited to share our first collaboration with Alp Aydeniz, Robert Loftin, and Kagan Tumer has been accepted at MRS 2023. Check out “Entropy Maximization in High Dimensional Multiagent State Spaces” during the conference in December!
  • I’m thrilled to announce my new adventure as a Postdoctoral researcher at MIT; more details will come in November! Working with Chris Amato has been great and I’m looking forward to continuing our collaborations!
2022 July
  • Presenting “Safety-Informed Mutations for Evolutionary Deep Reinforcement Learning” at Gecco EvoRL Workshop.
April January
  • Our paper “Enhancing Deep Reinforcement Learning Approaches for Multi-Robot Navigation via Single-Robot Evolutionary Policy Search” has been accepted at ICRA 2022.
2021 November
  • Our paper “Exploring Safer Behaviors for Deep Reinforcement Learning” has been accepted at AAAI 2022 (15% acceptance rate).
  • Three papers have been accepted at IROS 2021:
    • Centralizing State-Values in Dueling Networks for Multi-Robot Reinforcement Learning Mapless Navigation.”
    • Benchmarking Safe Deep Reinforcement Learning in Aquatic Navigation.”
    • Safe Reinforcement Learning using Formal Verification for Tissue Retraction in Autonomous Robotic-Assisted Surgery.”